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A Personal Concierge helps clients handle the demands of a hectic lifestyle.  A Personal Concierge is your own lifestyle manager.    

Personal Assistance
Travel Arrangements, Virtual Assistant
Shopping, Gift Wrapping, Pickup, Pick up, Dropoff, Drop off
Pickup/Drop off

Don't have enough time in the day to run every errand or get every small project done, "We get it".  It's more important to spend time with your family, enjoy your vacation or finish that project at work.  We can provide personal services of the highest level that may include, but not be limited to, restaurant reservations, recreation requests, floral orders, etc.  Arrange for, suggest, recommend, book, and confirm, deliverable services that may include, but not be limited to, purchasing gifts, premium tickets, dry cleaning and other errands.


Here are a few more examples:

  • Be your Virtual Assistant

  • Plan your Vacation and Travel Arrangements

  • Schedule Transportation

  • Schedule Services (i.e. Home Service Appt, Doctors Appt.)

  • Provide Appointment Reminder

  • Do online Research

  • Schedule your Golf Tee Time 

  • Plan that Fishing Trip 

  • Make that Spa Appointment


You don't know from one day to the next all the errands your going to have to run until they come up.   Having to go drop off a prescription or going to pick up groceries can be time comsuming when you don't have time to spare.  Let us do your personal errands runs for you. 



  • Pick Up/Drop off your Dry cleaning

  • Be your Courier Service

  • Pick up Groceries including Sams Club, Whole Foods

  • Pick up Meals

  • Mail/packages

  • Pictures

  • Prescriptions

  • Banking Services

  • Gift Shopping

  • Holiday Shopping

  • Returns and Exchanges

  • Dropping car as directed(Service, Detail)

  • Home Food Re-Stocking(Favorite Wines and Foods will there when you get there.)


Our drivers are willing to make your life easier by doing it for you. 

Event Planning

Don't have time to plan your next meeting or dinner party let us do it for you.  redtie Events can make your event a success.


Type of a Events:

  • Business meetings

  • Recognition dinners

  • Company picnics

  • Parties

  • Dinner Parties



From vehicle servicing to vehicle purchasing allow redtie Concierge to take the stress out of the proccess.   We'll schedule, drive and wait for your vehicle to be serviced.  

If you need a new or used vehicle we can research, track-down and faciltate the transaction as much or less as



Services offered:


  • Schedule Service Appointments (Servicing, Oil Changes)

  • Drop Off/Pick Up ( Local, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Chicago)

  • Vehicle Car Wash

  • Schedule Vehicle Detail

  • Vehicle Research

  • Purchase Facilitation

Vehicle Services
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