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"The majority of people spend more hours at work than they do with family or friends. Unfortunately, 90 per cent of American mothers and 95 per cent of American fathers report work-family conflict."



15 perks an employer can offer to improve work-life balance

Kevin Sheridian

 The Globe and Mail

April 9, 2012

"Employers benefit from increased employee productivity by reducing the amount of time employees may be spending on non-work-related activities during the day. These types of work/life benefits can also attract Gen X and Gen Y employees to the company. "



Work/Life Balance: What are employer-sponsored concierge benefits?




Corporate Concierge Services

Homing from Work


Driven by a compelling need to “do it all” in the era of 24/7 connectivity, today’s workforce is saying goodbye to “career and family” guilt and embracing work-life harmony – a seamless cohesion of personal and professional obligations and interests. In a sign of the times, 93 percent of today’s professionals are now “homing from work” (the opposite of “working from home”), i.e. conducting personal business on company time.


Modern employees want jobs that fit their socially conscious, eco-friendly, fitness-focused, app-enhanced lifestyles, and look for workplaces whose culture allows them to complete work and life tasks using the same resources. Whether it’s paying bills, shopping, scheduling appointments, booking travel, running errands, or engaging in social media, employees see no reason to separate responsibilities between work and home.


What this means for business?


As this cultural shift toward work-life harmony becomes the norm, businesses can’t afford to ignore homing from work. Professionals who home from work about two hours each day cost companies an estimated $759 billion annually in wasted time and lost productivity. But stress, the modern workforce epidemic, is also costing American industry $300 billion a year.


Investing in practices that produce a less stressed and more satisfied and engaged workforce is crucial to the bottom line. Highly engaged workforces generate 29 percent more revenue, have a 44 percent higher retention rate, and increase annual profits by $2,400 per employee on average.


Businesses that recognize and respond to ever-changing employee needs with innovative perks and policies will be setting themselves up for greater productivity, less turnover, and decreased recruiting, training, and health care costs – a smart business decision not just for next year, but for a new era of company success.


Corporate and Small Business 


By offering a Corporate Concierge Service benefit, your business will see an increase in productivity, lower turnover rates, better team spirit and increased employee loyalty.  We offer a unique combination of both concierge and personal assistant services in order to more fully help relieve the stress and burdens of everyday tasks, keeping employees focused and heightening employee morale, all of which leads to reducing costs and happy clients. 


The benefits to the staff:


  • Reduced stress levels knowing personal tasks are being handled professionally and efficiently

  • Fewer distractions from work related tasks

  • Increased focus on their work during working hours

  • More quality time to spend on their home and family life

Allow us to customize a Concierge package for you.  

Contact us for a consultation.

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